London Hacker News Meetup 26th April 2012

LShift will be sponsoring a fourth Hacker News monthly meetup event.

Project Daylight hits the news

The case management system developed by LShift for human rights charityFreedom from Torture has been featured in Computer World Uk.

London Hacker News Meetup 22nd March 2012

LShift will be sponsoring its third Hacker News monthly meetup event. Come along for more talks from London's finest hackers and tech entrepreneurs, and more talks and pizza.

London Hacker News Meetup 22nd February 2012

LShift will be sponsoring another Hacker News monthly meetup event. Having been to a fair few of these types of events over the years it was clear that the Hacker News organisers have got their formula right: the talks are generally interesting and most are technical; the mix of people is around 50:50 technical :…

TiCL mobile local news service now available for download

LShift has been working with TiCL on the product development for a new app and supporting server-side system for a real-time news service. User generated news and pictures can be viewed by anyone within a certain radius of the reporter. The viewer gets an instant impression of the social networks, businesses, and community groups within their local area. The location-based news service is delivered via iPhone and Android apps.

London Hacker News Meetup 25th January 2012

LShift will be attending (and sponsoring) the next London Hacker News Meetup at 6.30pm on 25th January 2012. The venue will be the Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, near our offices in Shoreditch.

LShift awarded Technology Strategy Board funding for Progressive Publishing System

LShift is proud to announce that a significant grant from the Technology Strategy Board has been awarded for the design and development of the Progressive Publishing System (PPS).

By Jorge Láscar from Australia (A natural spring) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

SpringSource / VMWare Acquire Rabbit Technologies

SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. today announced the acquisition by VMware of Rabbit Technologies, Ltd.

LShift at QCon 2010

We are pleased to be attending QCon (Conference for the Enterprise Software Development Community) in London from 10 - 12 March.

Silicon Roundabout

Wired have been updating their map of Silicon Roundabout. Find us and our friends and neighbours.