MonetDB for Everybody

Matthias Radestock wrote “Is it just me, or should everybody be using [MonetDB](, instead of whatever database they are currently wrestling with? The feature list is impressive: fast, runs on everything, SQL and XQuery support, open-source. There are some [limitations](, but overall this looks like a very impressive product.”

Transactions Everywhere

Matthias Radestock wrote “In an [interview]( about the future of Visual Basic 9, Erik Meijer makes the following prediction: > We will use transactions everywhere; in-memory, database, XML, everywhere. We will have one way for dealing with concurrency. This statement is made in the context of talking about Software Transactional Memory, and the concurrency control mechanisms one can…”

XML tunnel-vision

Michael Bridgen wrote “In Ant 1.6, properties can be written in XML files. Can someone tell me why <property name="" value="some.value"/> is more desirable than ? Update The import feature is what’s new in Ant 1.6 that makes this usage possible. So, the answer is, “because you can conditionally set properties in the imported files” (rather than…”

Understanding “Understanding Brute Force”

Paul Crowley wrote “D J Bernstein's draft paper Understanding Brute Force argues that the way we currently measure the cost of cryptanalytic attacks is highly misleading. The paper is a good example of Bernstein's unconventional style, and mixes quite informal writing with very formal and precise descriptions of cryptanalytic methods and costs. Though his conclusions are correct, I think he hasn't quite put his finger on how people have come to be misled in the past, so I shall have a go here at arguing what I think is the same point in different words. ”

The Ashes

Michael Bridgen wrote “Stuart ran an RF cable up from the riser downstairs so we can have the last, deciding day of the Ashes Tests shown through the projector in our meeting room. Exciting!”