Parallels between Smalltalk and Linux

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Travis Griggs has some interesting things to say about the similarities between Smalltalk and Linux. Of course there are huge differences as well, but it’s interesting to hear a Smalltalker’s take on the similarities.”

FRP with STMs

Matthias Radestock wrote “I had an idea for an interesting application of Software Transactional Memory (STM) the other day: Functional Reactive Programming (FRP).”

Best. Language comparison. Evar.

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Someone has finally figured out [old link:] the ultimate metric for language complexity. Legions of ivory-tower academics can now retire. It’s a solved problem. Who knew it would turn out to be that easy? I guess people have just been overlooking the obvious for years!”

Io – Prototypes for ordinary people

Tom Berger wrote “Some programming languages look like they were designed especially to secure their authors a place on LtU - sort of 15 minutes of fame for language mavens. That's not the case with Io, although it does sport some neat features that are not common enough in today's language universe (and it did make it to LtU, which is how i found out about it).”

Service Google

Matthias Radestock wrote “At the recent [Architects Summit]( there was a brief discussion on the idea of a *Service Google*, i.e. the ability to search for software components that offer a service with a particular behaviour. How might such a Service Google work?”

Claim this Quote

Matthias Radestock wrote “Somewhere I read something along the lines of > sharing, mutation, concurrency – pick any two which is a marvellous little snippet of wisdom. Since Google cannot find it I am claiming it for myself until the rightful owner steps forward.”