A two-player real-time puzzle game

Paul Crowley wrote “Seven years ago, I wrote a two-player puzzle game in Python. I recently dug it up again and Matthias persuaded me to make a first release available here. Both players sit at the same keyboard. RULES The object of the game is to take over all the other player’s generators. The board is made up…”

What would you do with a ball of string and a pair of scissors?

francis wrote “How about making a non-alternating knot() with projection of minimal crossing number (which, incidentally, is eight)? (Thanks to David Snyder who told us this.)”

Linux on Palm Tungsten T3

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “The folks at #HackNDev have managed to port Linux to the Tungsten T3! It’s primitive at the moment – no support for the off button, slightly flaky SD card driver – but boots easily enough to a graphical environment you can actually use. The one (expected) downside is that it wipes your RAM, so you…”

Icing: Lightweight web development in Scheme

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “As part of a recent development project, we’ve assembled pieces from SISCweb, SSAX and SXPath, and some of our own code to build a simple web-development framework we’ve tentatively named Icing. Icing, so far, consists of: * a simple bean-like layer atop raw SQL, with an S-expression based SQL syntax and objects representing table rows;…”

Critique of the CCR

Matthias Radestock wrote “There was quite a lot of excitement about Microsoft's Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR) when it surfaced back in December. Recently several people asked me my opinion about this technology. ”

Proliant DL380 and Linux

David Ireland wrote “I bought a Proliant DL380 on eBay for £27. Its got a couple of 866MHz Pentium 3s, 512Mb of RAM and two very fast 18Gb SCSI drives. It’s a first generation, which is sometimes called G1, but mostly just omits the generation in documentation. That makes it annoyingly difficult to Google for. I couldn’t get…”

Hacking on core Squeak

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Today, attempting to port SPrevayler to Squeak 3.9, I ran into a problem with the FilePlugin. It turns out the problem is already covered by a test case in the image, and that the test case is currently failing, at least on Linux on the versions of the VM I tried (3.7-7, 3.9-7, and svn…”

Colour Terminals in (X)Emacs

Matthias Radestock wrote “Some Unix command line tools display text in colour, if you run them in the right kind of terminal, of which the Emacs shell isn’t one. So far this had not really bothered me since in most cases the colours do not convey all that much information. However, recently I was playing with Maude, which…”

Exporting Squeak Presentations to HTML+PNG

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “I’ve been using Squeak‘s BookMorph to assemble presentation materials recently, but there’s been no way to export the presentation for the benefit of those without a Smalltalk image – until now. I just implemented a trivial little method on BookMorph that exports all its pages to PNG files, and writes a small HTML index file.…”


Michael Bridgen wrote “We were getting a large volume of comment-spam, so I’ve added a wee Turing test to the comment form. I hope it doesn’t put anyone out. It certainly inconvenienced me—the plugin needs a graphics extension for PHP. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just apt-get install the package for it.” But apt-get went on a rampage,…”