Paul Crowley wrote “In which our heroes make P2P applications several times more efficient using the mathematics of finite fields and some careful thought on what is efficient on today's processors”

Keeping Trac of Bugzilla

Tom Berger wrote “It's hard to believe only a week has passed since we've integrated the project blog into Trac - with the Timeline view now displaying both source code changes and blog entries, it now became really convenient to just keep Trac open and refresh it every time we want to get an update on the state of the project. I still found myself switching between Trac and Bugzilla all the time, and that can be very frustrating - so frustrating it can ruin even days like this, when the weather is so fine. Something had to be done - it was time to integrate our project's bug-list from Bugzilla into Trac. ”

Keeping Trac of the Project Blog

Tom Berger wrote “Trac is the best thing that happened to humanity since the cultivation of chik peas. Finally software project management has a centralized hub almost anyone can use to make the process more effective. It is beautifully designed and implemented. Extending it is easy and there’s a strong community of developers and users. I decided to see how difficult it would be to extend Trac to grab feeds from our project blog and display them in the timeline view.”

Web Development with Python

Tom Berger wrote “For a new web project we're working on, we wanted to use a dynamic environment. We've resolved to use Python, a language we feel very comfortable with, and I went to test several pythonic web components, in particular the stuff that gets bundled with TurboGears and”

We want to recruit you

Andy Wilson wrote “LShift need to recruit a number of senior developers. If you want to join one of the most skilled and interesting technical teams around, how about submitting a CV and some code samples? See this page for details.”

An AJAX Erlang Jukebox

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Sometime around the beginning of July I rewrote our internal jukebox in Erlang. It’s taken me four months to get a round tuit, but new stock has just arrived: here’s the code for our AJAX jukebox web-application, as a tarball. (There’s also a mercurial repository: hg clone Click on the image for a screenshot.…”