Invitation to AMQP and RabbitMQ Birds of a Feather session

chris wrote “I am guest blogging here on behalf of CohesiveFT. We work with the excellent LShift team on our joint venture, RabbitMQ. I’m here to invite you to a Birds of a Feather session this coming Thursday, August 30th, at 8pm, in central London. It is FREE and will last for 45 minutes starting at 8pm,…”

Squeak and OpenEmbedded

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Recently, I’ve been getting interested in getting Squeak running on smaller pieces of hardware, such as cellphones or PDAs. Last week I received my FIC Neo1973 open-source GSM cellphone, which runs a system based on OpenEmbedded called OpenMoko. I’ve managed to get the system compiled and running both in emulation and on the phone itself,…”

If I Read History Aright

felix wrote “I just re-read Merrill Chapman’s highly readable “In Search of Stupidity”, an encyclopedia of high-tech bungling from Silicon Valley. As the title suggests, the book is partly a counterpunch to management bestseller “In Search of Excellence”, and its main theme a cheeky mirror image of Tom Peters’ focus on corporate culture and efficiency. Chapman advises…”