Emacs in MacOS X 10.5 Leopard

Michael Bridgen wrote “If you’ve upgraded to Leopard, and you’re an Emacs user, you may have found that typing emacs in a term no longer works — you get “Fatal malloc_jumpstart() error”. This will be the case if you’re using something like Fink or Darwin Ports, but it may also be the case if the upgrade didn’t quite…”

Squaring Zooko’s Triangle, part two

Paul Crowley wrote “A few days ago, in Squaring Zooko's Triangle, I sketched out a proposal for a new naming scheme which to a limited extent achieved all of the contradictory-seeming aims set out in Zooko's Triangle. Having discussed the essay with a few folk since, it seems like it might be worthwhile trying to clarify the ideas behind it. ”

Joe Armstrong on multicore

Matthias Radestock wrote “Joe Armstrong, the inventor of Erlang, paid LShift a visit on Friday. He had kindly agreed to give a short talk to a few of my colleagues. We ended up cramming about twenty people into our meeting room, listening to Joe explain the implications of multicore CPU architectures for programming language design. There were lots…”

Astral Plane characters in Erlang JSON/RFC4627 implementation

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Sam Ruby examines support for astral-plane characters in various JSON implementations. His post prompted me to check my Erlang implementation of rfc4627. I found that for astral plane characters in utf-8, utf-16, or utf-32, everything worked properly, but the RFC4627-mandated surrogate-pair “uXXXX” encodings broke. A few minutes hacking later, and: Eshell V5.5.5 (abort with ^G)…”

Squaring Zooko’s triangle

Paul Crowley wrote “In this essay I propose a kind of name which is entirely decentralized, reasonably secure, and at least somewhat memorable. They look like this: Paul_Crowley:area-fluid-above-movie-start”

NDocProc updated for C# 2.0 with Generics

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “NDocProc, our small and simple .NET javadoc-like documentation generator, has been updated for C# 2.0 and Generics. Changes since the previous announcement include: Support for generics, nested types, arrays, delegates, events, and the intersection of them all. Now requires .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0 to build. Support for slightly more of the XML documentation language…”