The OLPC uses forth at a low level

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “A few months ago, while scouring the web for information related to FORTH after the switch went on in my head, I discovered that the OLPC XO uses Open Firmware, which permits lovely little display hacks (more here). Great stuff!”

Openembedded Bitbake recipe for Spidermonkey Javascript 1.7.0

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “In my ongoing quest for a sensible programming environment, I’ve filed an OpenEmbedded bug with patches providing support for version 1.7.0 of Spidermonkey, Mozilla’s javascript engine. It hasn’t gotten me much further toward my goal, but it’s nice having a quality javascript interpreter available for my OpenMoko phone, should I ever need one…”

iPlayer: needs RSS

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “The BBC’s new iPlayer service is great. The only thing that I’ve missed so far is RSS or Atom feeds: it’d be nice to be notified when a new episode of Favourite TV Show X turns up (and when it’s due to expire, too).”

Paul’s Pictorial Parliament Predictor

Paul Crowley wrote “ ”

Erlang SMTP code updated

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “A couple of months ago, I improved our erlang SMTP server code. * Mon Oct 15: Support callbacks and more of the spec. Support multiple forward paths. Support callbacks for verification and delivery. Pass domain as well as mailbox for reverse and forward paths. Cope with improper line termination. Log failures in delivery/verification callbacks. *…”