Some simple examples of using Erlang’s XPath implementation

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “We've been investigating the possibility of an XPath-based routing extension to RabbitMQ, where XPath would be used as binding patterns, and the message structure would be exposed as XML infoset. As part of this work, we've been looking at Erlang's XPath implementation that comes as part of the built-in xmerl library. This post walks through a couple of simple examples of using Erlang's XPath implementation to retrieve nodesets matching various criteria.”

New .NET/C# client library for RabbitMQ

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “We’ve just finished and released our .NET/C# client library for AMQP. We developed it on Mono, and made sure it ran on the Microsoft .NET stacks as well – versions 1.1 and 2.0. There’s also a WCF binding, for exposing WCF-based services over AMQP. (The WCF binding only compiles and runs on the Microsoft CLR…”

NDocProc bug fix for empty namespaces

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Thanks to a comment from Claus, I’ve discovered the wonderful fact that null is not permitted as a key in an IDictionary in .NET. As it happens, the main problem was that I’d not covered namespaceless classes in NDocProc at all gracefully, but nonetheless, forbidding nulls as dictionary keys is a strange design decision. I’ve…”

OLPC v. the Intel Classmate in Nigeria

Michael Bridgen wrote “Tony directed me to this documentary (BBC iPlayer, so probably only valid in the UK and for a few days) about the One-Laptop-Per-Child pilot scheme in Nigeria. It also covers an ostensibly similar pilot run by Intel with its Classmate PC. Intel recently pulled out of supporting OLPC, saying among other things that competition was…”

Trac custom workflow

David Ireland wrote “I’ve been experimenting with Trac’s new customisable work-flow. This hasn’t made it into a stable release yet – I’m using the trunk source. Hopefully Trac 0.11 is not far away. The first beta has been released. It looks very promising: plug-ins may return lists of actions they allow, given the current state of the ticket.…”

GNU Smalltalk Cairo Clock Demo

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “I’ve taken Mike Anderson’s Cairo clock applet demo and updated it ever so slightly for GNU Smalltalk version 2.95h. * the original tarball: clockdemo.tgz (and a mirror) * patch for getting it to work with gst-2.95h: fixes-2.95h.patch I’ve also written a small patch, available here, intended to apply atop fixes-2.95h.patch, which gets the code into…”

GNU Smalltalk 2.95h on Mac OS X 10.3.9

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “GNU Smalltalk version 2.95h (the latest release candidate) didn’t compile out-of-the-box on Mac OS X 10.3.9 for me. The two changes that were required were: * change the header file includes in socketx.h to the older way of getting the prototypes for select(2) * change part of a .section declaration in darwin_closure.S to remove mention…”