Unit testing in Java vs. Smalltalk

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “When you write unit tests, the minimal requirement before being able to try them out is that they compile. In Smalltalk, this means things like syntactic well-formedness, and perhaps the presence of global variables (i.e. classes) that you reference in the test method body. It’s very quick and comfortable in Smalltalk to develop supported by…”

Using AMQP to do cron-like scheduling

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Barry Pederson‘s excellent py-amqplib Python AMQP client comes with a very cute little demo, demonstrating how easy it is to do sophisticated cron-like things with AMQP and RabbitMQ. As Barry writes in the example, the trick is to “[fire] off simple messages at one-minute intervals to a topic exchange named ‘clock’, with the topic of…”

How to run RabbitMQ’s experimental STOMP adapter

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “The code for the experimental STOMP adapter for RabbitMQ is distributed separately from the main server, at the moment. This post walks through the steps needed to try the adapter out, running it against a recent snapshot release of RabbitMQ. The perl Net::Stomp STOMP client is used to demonstrate the adapter in action, subscribing to a queue and sending a couple of messages to it.”