Profiting from Agile

Mike Rowlands wrote “In September we sponsored the Agile Conference and while it was held prior to the global meltdown, the turn-out was not great. Certainly attendance at the event does not seem to be growing at anything like the pace that Agile is being adopted. Is this because it’s now ubiquitous amongst the type of organisations that…”

Final electoral chart now online

Paul Crowley wrote “I’d anticipated making this post within days of the election, but while the winner was known as soon as they called California, the result in Missouri has only been called in the last couple of days following a tight recount. In the end the state went to John McCain, a blow to the pride of…”

By Alias 0591 from the Netherlands (Snake Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Tracing Python memory leaks

Marek Majkowski wrote “While I was writing a python daemon, I noticed that my application process memory usage is growing over time. The data wasn’t increasing so there must have been some memory leak. It’s not so easy for a Python application to leak memory. Usually there are three scenarios: some low level C library is leaking your…”

Firefox tabs are finally usable

Michael Bridgen wrote “If you use Firefox, go and install the Ctrl-Tab add-on. Tabs are great for reducing clutter, but they fail to make life much easier because the tab navigation doesn’t support the common patterns of use. For example, I end up opening the same page in multiple tabs because it is quicker to do that than…”

Simple inter-process locks

Marek Majkowski wrote “I recently faced a very common problem, how to make sure that only one instance of my program is running at a time on the host. There are a lot of approaches that can be taken to solve this problem, but I needed a portable solution for Python. My first idea was to use widely…”

Electoral diagrams will be updated live

Paul Crowley wrote “These diagrams are based on the latest projections from and have more detailed explanations; there’s also a cartogram and two scattergrams to show how accurate polling is and how things have changed since 2004. I’ll be updating them during the night as states are called. If you’re watching the election, do check the diagram…”

Who’s winning on election night?

Paul Crowley wrote “I find the maps and charts that the TV networks provide nearly useless for understanding the state of play during an election night, so I’ve taken to designing my own diagrams. For tomorrow’s Presidential elections, I’ve turned the projections on into a graph which illustrates the likely outcome of the election and the paths…”