Mix and match version control

David Ireland wrote “LShift’s standard version control platform these days is Mercurial, but just before we adopted it, I started a project using Trac and Subversion, mostly because that’s what Trac does out of the box. Later, we branched the project to add a large new project, and during that branch we converted from using ant to Maven…”

My thoughts on real time full-text search

Marek Majkowski wrote “Usually, search engines can look through data outdated by a few days. But Twitter search seems to be returning real time search results. That’s why it’s interesting how it works. In this post I’ll present a short introduction to full-text search engines and my private thoughts about a possible implementation of a better one. Let’s…”

CorePy problems and solutions

Paul Crowley wrote “In an earlier post I mentioned that I was using CorePy for my cryptographic fiddlings. Rather than writing the code in assember in the traditional way, I took advantage of CorePy to program directly against the x86 ISA in Python. In CorePy, machine instructions, registers and suchlike are first-class objects which can be composed to…”