PubSub-over-Webhooks with RabbitHub

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “RabbitHub is our implementation of PubSubHubBub, a straightforward pubsub layer on top of plain old HTTP POST — pubsub over Webhooks. It’s not well documented yet (understatement), but that will change. It gives every AMQP exchange and queue hosted by a RabbitMQ broker a couple of URLs: one to use for delivering messages to the…”

ICFP Contest 2009

Matthew Sackman wrote “What is fast becoming a regular fixture in my diary is my entry with a few friends into the ICFP Programming Contest each year. This is a three day programming competition in which you can write in any language to solve the problems given. The competition is still in progress, though my team’s decided to…”

Python Queue interface for AMQP

Marek Majkowski wrote “Here at LShift we’re often discussing RabbitMQ. We’re keen about complicated deployment scenarios, redundancy of the broker and other complex use cases. While these problems are extremely interesting, some believe they are irrelevant for a great majority of RabbittMQ users. People keep asking how to get started with Rabbit. There are some very good sources…”