Webhooks behind the firewall with Reverse HTTP

Paul Jones wrote “With the growing popularity of building webhooks to link applications together, and the stunning ease of building web applications with lightweight web frameworks in various languages (such as Sinatra in Ruby), the thorny issue of NAT-firewalls remains a substantial dampener on development ease. Enter another use for Reverse HTTP. With Reverse HTTP, applications running behind…”

Rabbit on the treadmill: Run Rabbit, Run!

Matthew Sackman wrote “For the last couple of months I’ve been working on rewriting RabbitMQ’s persister so that it will scale to volumes of data that won’t fit in RAM, and will perform consistently across a wide variety of use cases. This work is coming to a conclusion now, and although the code is not yet released, nor…”

BBC Feeds Hub slides from London Erlang Factory

Michael Bridgen wrote “As part of a talk on Erlang at the BBC at Erlang Factory London, Sean O’Halpin gave an introduction to the BBC Feeds Hub project. His talk introduced the essential problem we are trying to solve, and ran through the domain model and the corresponding architecture. Here are the slides: BBC Feeds Hub primer View…”

Achieving Scale with Messaging and the Cloud

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “On the 9th, last Thursday, I spoke at the Online Gaming High Scalability SIG at Skills Matter. The talk covered – an introduction to Messaging (what it’s for, why you might like to use it), – a couple of pointers in the directions of examples of Messaging being used at scale in the cloud, and…”