Erlang OTP Boot Files for Fun and Profit

Paul Jones wrote “As part of some new Rabbit features, we’ve been investigating the use of boot files to start multiple applications without requiring us to build our own application loader. After some initial experimentation, we built a fairly simple utility that would generate a .rel file, then request the Erlang toolchain to compile this and generate .script…”

Grouping and collapsing in WireIt

James Uther wrote “I have recently been modifying the WireIt code to allow collapsing of multiple containers down into 1 composite container. A quick summary of WireIt (from their site) WireIt is an open-source javascript library to create web wirable interfaces for dataflow applications, visual programming languages, graphical modeling, or graph editors. I got started on this when…”

HTML email from Squeak using Seaside

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “Recently, as part of a Seaside-based application running within Squeak, I wanted to send HTML-formatted notification emails when certain things happened within the application. It turns out that Squeak has a built-in SMTP client library, which with a small amount of glue can be used with Seaside’s HTML renderer to send HTML formatted emails using…”