By John Hill (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Python quirks

Marek Majkowski wrote “I’ve been using Python for a while. Recently I have noted some nuances, wonders and counter-intuitive things I ran into. The list grew surprisingly fast.”

Scripting SQL Server Databases

Lee Coomber wrote “I recently had a need to move a SQL Server database around several development environments. I would normally use SQL Server Management Studio to generate creation and drop scripts, but as the database was changing frequently, I wanted a way of automating this process. Being able to script the structure and data separately was also…”

HTTP Routing with RabbitMQ and Trapeze

Paul Jones wrote “After building Hookout a little while back, I’ve been considering other things you could do to funnel clients through a server without them necessarily being reachable, or having an entire address space of their own. Hookout was working within the constraints of the reverse http protocol, where clients could speak only http. I wanted to…”

simple build tool

Tim Clark wrote “I started using Maven at a company where we had 60+ Java projects all with their own individual Ant build file. Each build file was different and each project was structured completely differently. Porting the most active projects to Maven made this situation a lot saner, test code was always in the same location, the same commands achieved…”