Introducing rabbitmq-status plugin

Marek Majkowski wrote “RabbitMQ is a becoming decent product, but it shares some of the common problems of young software – for example, beginners have a hard time understanding what happens under the hood. Don’t get me wrong, Rabbit generally works perfectly as a black-box. But at some point, when things go wrong or when Rabbit needs to…”

Performance testing RabbitMQ Streams

Lee Coomber wrote “RabbitMQ Streams is our data streams management system that allows arbitrary routing, transforming, and merging of messages. We used a “quick and dirty” test framework during development to check there were no major performance issues, but we needed to improve on this to test the real configurations used by the BBC Feeds Hub.”

A Custom ASP.Net Navigation Component for EpiServer CMS

Tim Clark wrote “LShift have used the EpiServer CMS on several customer projects and it generally does most things you would want to do with a CMS in a simple way. EpiServer is a .Net based CMS and if you understand ASP.NET templated pages and templated controls it is very straightforward with a minimal learning curve. One challenge…”

mercurial-server 0.8 released

Paul Crowley wrote “mercurial-server home page mercurial-server gives your developers remote read/write access to centralized Mercurial repositories using SSH public key authentication; it provides convenient and fine-grained key management and access control.”