Validating whole forms with WPF Data Binding

Tim Clark wrote “Microsoft WPF includes a data binding framework that provides a simple declarative mechanism to associate and validate data with UI components – read some good tips and tricks here. This works well very well for simple form validation but sometimes you may want to perform a more complex series of validations and reflect the failures…”

Plugin exchange types for RabbitMQ

Michael Bridgen wrote “An obvious extension point for an AMQP broker is the addition of new types of exchange. An exchange type essentially represents an algorithm for dispatching messages to queues, usually based on the message's routing key, given how the queues are bound to the exchange -- it's a routing algorithm. RabbitMQ now supports plugin exchange types, currently on an experimental branch.”

Upgrading your disk with LVM

Paul Crowley wrote “I’ve just had my most pleasant move from a smaller to a larger disk ever thanks to LVM, with vastly reduced downtime, and I thought I’d share my happy experience.”

Network server programming with SML/NJ and CML

Tony Garnock-Jones wrote “My experience with [SML/NJ]( has been almost uniformly positive, over the years. We used it extensively in a previous project to write a compiler (targeting the .NET CLR) for a pi-calculus-based language, and it was fantastic. One drawback with it, though, is the lack of documentation. Finding out how to (a) compile for and (b) use [CML]( takes real stamina. I've only just now, after several hours poring over webpages, mailing lists, and library source code, gotten to the point where I have a running socket server. Read on for a full, commented, example.”