By Tangopaso (Self-photographed) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Memory matters – even in Erlang

Marek Majkowski wrote “Some time ago we got an interesting bug report for RabbitMQ. Surprisingly, unlike other complex bugs, this one is easy to describe:  At some point basic.get suddenly starts being very slow – about 9 times slower!”

WebGAC: Minding your .NET Dependencies

Paul Jones wrote “Managing binary dependencies in .NET can be a complicated task. For small projects, checking the dependencies into source control tends to work just fine. So does requesting that all developers have various binaries available in their GAC. Grow much bigger, or add more projects, and managing that starts to get very difficult. The Java world…”

A simple web application in Clojure using ring and enlive

Tim Clark wrote “This post walks through the steps for using Clojure to write an extremely simple web application. The web application will use the Ring and Enlive libraries. Firstly install Leiningen, this is a simple build tool for Clojure, follow the instructions on the web page and place the lein somewhere on your executable path.”

RabbitMQ-shovel: Message Relocation Equipment

Matthew Sackman wrote “In several applications, it’s very useful to be able to take messages out of one RabbitMQ broker, and insert them into another. Many people on our mailing list have being asking for such a shovel, and we’ve recently been able to devote some time to writing one. This takes the form of a plugin for…”