Year at LShift – in photos

Marek Majkowski wrote “by marek on 30/04/10 Comments [+]”

Design sketches for Clojure coverage tool

Tim Clark wrote “I like to write unit tests for my code and I also like to know whether my unit tests are actually testing my code. In Java I would use Maven and Cobertura to measure how much of my code is actually exercised, and when I bend my mind around Haskell I use HPC. I have…”

SpringSource / VMWare Acquire Rabbit Technologies

Mike Rowlands wrote “SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. today announced the acquisition by VMware of Rabbit Technologies, Ltd, a company set up by LShift and partners Monadic and CohesiveFT. Read the full story”

Debian build-depends metapackages

Tom Parker wrote “When I’m doing development on an existing software project, and especially when I’m trying to bugfix something with a Debian package, I find that I install random packages I need to rebuild something, and then later on I’m wondering why I’ve got those installed. I tend to try to keep with the philosophy that the bits…”