Robolectric: unit testing Android apps

Tom Parker wrote “I’ve been playing around with doing some testing of my Android apps, and it turns out to be a little bit more difficult than I’d hoped, but with the aid of some tools it can be brought back under control. Given Android apps are basically just Java, the usual choice would be JUnit. Android needs…”

F# zipper with pipe forward

Tim Clark wrote “The zipper is a purely functional data structure which is useful when manipulating immutable data structures (see the original paper here by Gerard Huet). Haskell and Clojure both have implementations of the zipper, but I have been unable to find one for use with F#. The original implementation is written in OCAML so is relatively…”

Conditional statements, the lambda calculus and early/late binding

Frank Shearar wrote “Soon after I started learning Smalltalk, I found my brain broken. Smalltalk doesn’t have control structures. No ifs, no whiles, no for loops. All these structures are instead patterns of message passing [1].”

mercurial-server version 1.1 released

Paul Crowley wrote “Version 1.1 of mercurial-server is now available. This permits one repository to be in a subdirectory of another, which makes subrepositories more convenient, as well as improvements to logging and documentation. I’ve also included the collection of scripts I use for testing under the “dev” subdirectory in the main repository, though I’d want to clean…”