A standard log file format?

Paul Crowley wrote “mercurial-server logs every push and pull to the repository. These logs are not just informative, but part of the security it offers; a mercurial revision can trivially be attributed to any user, so if malicious code is added to a repository only the mercurial-server logs carry trustworthy information about the source. It’s therefore especially important…”

Data visualisation: How weird is our jukebox?

Tom Parker wrote “One of the perennial unanswered questions among LShift hackers is “How weird is our jukebox?”. Not in the sense that it’s written in Erlang, but in the sense that we do play an awful lot of rather weird stuff on there. The usual answer to this is “very”, but I’ve been thinking for a while…”

ASP.Net MVC 2: mocking your HTTP layer

Frank Shearar wrote “We recently started a project using Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC 2 framework. Since I’m pretty big on test driven development, I immediately wanted to start unit testing the controllers. It turns out that it’s a bit harder than I thought: in production, MVC does a whole bunch of stuff before execution ever reaches your controllers. And if you naively just start…”

Embedded video and progressive download: A Quiz

Tim Clark wrote “I will provide you with two video files, video1.flv and video2.wmv, you need to embed them on the page and ensure that they use progressive download. Both video files are greater in size than 1GB so it will be obvious whether they are playing before they have completely downloaded. You will need to use the…”

Squeak 4.2 released

Frank Shearar wrote “Squeak 4.2 has finally shipped! It continues the improvements started in 4.0 and 4.1, with the trunk model revitalising the community: a small group of dedicated, frequent committers provide the main thrust of development, supported by a very simple and lightweight way of providing bugfixes, enhancements, and the like. Squeak 4.2 also ships with the Cog VM, Eliot…”

Apache Camel and RabbitMQ

Lee Coomber wrote “I’m evaluating Apache Camel for use on a client project, but we need to back it on to RabbitMQ. The AMQP component that comes with Camel is based on the Qpid 0.5.0 client which does not work too well with Rabbit, so this seemed a good excuse to experiment with custom Camel components. There’s a…”

Onzo now so live, you can buy it

Mike Rowlands wrote “I was delighted to see that Onzo have released a consumer version of their revolutionary energy metering product to the UK market. They have already been picking up design awards and once people realise what’s inside the good looking enclosure, they’ll surely pick up a host of green tech ones too. Why is it revolutionary?…”