The Anatomy of a Browser

Frank Shearar wrote “I’ve been busy rewriting the guts of Squeak’s Browser. It’s an important tool: it’s the primary way we write code and explore the system. It’s also the tool I must use to edit the Browser. Time to operate on my own brain again!”

Modular, laser-cut MDF sculpture with Python and DXF

Tom Parker wrote “This month’s post is something a little bit different to the usual LShift posts. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of software and algorithms in there, but I’m also creating an actual physical object as well (*shock* *horror*). I’ve recently acquired access to a laser-cutter, and I’ve been going through a bit of a learning process…”

Traversing objects functionally

Frank Shearar wrote “Like Tim, I’ve been playing around with zippers recently, only I’ve been working in Smalltalk. In particular, I’m trying to explore how easy it is to work with objects in a fully functional way [1]. With that in mind, I’m working within certain constraints, most important of which is “thou shalt use immutable data structures”.…”

Fantom will eat your nulls!

Tim Clark wrote “As it is a new year it must be time to learn a new language. Having had a singular lack of success running F# under Mono (well when your two line definition of a simple tree data structure produces a stacktrace it doesn’t bode well) I went back to good old Haskell for a while…”