Simple clustering of open source software with Veritas

Tim Clark wrote “Veritas cluster server is often used in corporate environments to provide clustering and high availability. Veritas is a complex, closed source product that provides integration for lots of enterprise software such as SAP or Oracle, but it is very simple to use it to cluster open source software as well. In order for Veritas to…”

Unification: pattern matching, but twice as nice!

Frank Shearar wrote “Languages like ML, Newspeak, and Scala support pattern matching: it’s a bit like a case/switch statement, only instead of matching on a series of boolean conditions you switch on the shape of some variable. But Prolog goes twice as far: Prolog uses unification. What’s that, you ask?”

Don’t use IEnumerable for table references in C#

Tom Parker wrote “We have a C# project that recently started to run into a few scaling issues. That search can slow down a little when you get a lot more records isn’t so surprising, but when your basic individual item retrieval starts getting sluggish, it’s time to worry. We were using Entity Framework as the ORM layer,…”

Algebraic Data Types and OMeta2

Frank Shearar wrote “There have been a recent rash of grammar libraries written for Smalltalk. We have at least three Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) libraries: OMeta2/Squeak, Xtreams and PetitParser. Today we’re going to look at OMeta2.”