Using goinstall for your own local code

Tim Clark wrote “I am working towards finishing a small project in go and my thoughts have turned to how I will package it up and release the code. The latest release of go has made some changes to goinstall so that code installed by you as a user can be kept separate from the base installation of…”

The Other Kind of Zipper

Frank Shearar wrote ““A zipper is a[n editable] suspended walk.”[1] Take a map: it takes some traversable structure, executes a function on each element, and returns a new traversable structure with the values obtained by applying the function to the elements of that structure. Define a function that returns a pair (value, partial continuation) where the partial continuation…”

Automagic Phone-to-Kindle with Calibre

Tom Parker wrote “I’ve recently acquired a Kindle, and although it’s major use-case is for reading books, it’s also pretty good for reading long articles. This is particularly useful when I find out about said article via my phone (e.g. on Twitter) as my phone isn’t exactly good for reading anything really big. I started using the Send…”

Zipping over Magritte-described Objects

Frank Shearar wrote “Magritte is a metamodel description framework for Smalltalk, that is, a way of describing your domain objects. Having a description of your domain objects allows you to do a bunch of neat things, like automatically building a Seaside form for displaying an object. If you’ve used C#’s ASP.Net MVC framework, you might think of the…”