Rolling your own control structures with lambdas

Frank Shearar wrote “Squeak Smalltalk ships with an, ahem, mildly controversial feature: a case statement. Case statements usually evoke “but that’s not OO!” from people, usually with good reason: a complicated case statement only gets less understandable as it evolves, while a State implementation’s complexity remains more or less constant. (You can concentrate on only the bit you…”

Testing go programs with gocheck

Tim Clark wrote “The Go programming language comes with a simple built in test framework testing – this is usable and functional but is lacking in features that you might find in other languages test frameworks. A more fully featured testing framework called gocheck has been developed by Gustavo Niemeyer, this blog post walks through developing an extremely…”

Un Petit Haskell

Frank Shearar wrote “It’s time to visit another Smalltalk PEG parser. We’ve seen OMeta2, and now it’s time for a rather different approach to parsing. Lukas Renggli wrote PetitParser, a parser library based on parser combinators.”