Some reflective testing with gocheck

Tim Clark wrote “Last time I wrote about custom gocheck checkers and wrote a checker that checked if a slice of int contained a specific int – it would be nice to have a generic contains checker and using the go reflection we can write one.”

The Essence of a Zipper

Frank Shearar wrote “The essence of a zipper is a “one-hole context” – the context of a value in some structure, together with that value – and a means of moving from one one-hole context to another. What do we mean by a one-hole context? That structure you obtain by pulling out a single element in a structure,…”

mercurial-server needs a long-term Debian sponsor

Paul Crowley wrote “Thanks to the patient work of Jakub Wilk, mercurial-server 1.2-1 has hit the Debian “unstable” repository, where all being well it should make its way into testing, stable, Ubuntu and so forth. Jakub stepped in at the last minute when I discovered that the project’s previous sponsor, Steve Kemp, had resigned as a Debian developer…”

Checking Squeak Quickly

Frank Shearar wrote “The good fellows in Haskell land came up with a nice idea one day: instead of relying on a programmer writing well-thought out tests, with test data designed to flush out edge cases, they realised that people aren’t very good at finding bugs in their own code. The real world is too random, too crazy,…”

mercurial-server 1.2 released

Paul Crowley wrote “Version 1.2 of mercurial-server is now available. This fixes a security problem, adds compatibility with Mercurial 1.9 and fixes incompatibilities with older versions of Python, adds MQ compatibility, and some other minor things. Unfortunately it may not immediately enter Debian, because my former sponsor is no longer a Debian developer. If you’re an official Debian…”