By Heinrich Klaffs [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Mustache for your mail merge

Tim Clark wrote “At LShift we like to program on blackboards using untyped lambda calculus, and we enter code into a computer only once we have a truly generic solution to a problem. However, most of the time we need to earn money so that we can eat and wear clothes other than LShift t-shirts – this usually…”

Clojure to Smalltalk translation notes

Frank Shearar wrote “Clojure has an interesting implementation of a Huet-style zipper. I started translating it to Smalltalk, and in the process discovered a number of things not really related to zippers. Given that the end result ends up looking very similar to something we’ve already seen , let’s talk more about the translation process itself.”

Generating Kindle collections

Tom Parker wrote “Continuing on from my post a few months ago about playing with my Kindle, I’ve now amassed a fair number of books, and managing it is starting to be a bit of an issue. The main way to do this is with collections of books. However, Amazon in their infinite wisdom have decided not to…”