Randomly testing Ruby

Frank Shearar wrote “I recently ran into the need for testing the behaviour of a parser of a modelling language. The parser processes a number of model descriptions in gem files, as well as local definitions. Until recently, the parser would process the gems in an arbitrary order. However the language while ostensibly declarative, isn’t, because of a…”

King Kong! Misadventures in Ruby meta-programming

Tim Clark wrote “Sometimes after a particularly fraught bug stomping session you make a frivolous offhand remark to a colleague, for example “I will write a macro that converts lisp definitions in prefix form so that arithmetic looks like how it was taught to you in school” or “I won’t let my unit test really be an integration…”

8-bit style acrylic sculpture

Tom Parker wrote “A while back I did a post talking about working with MDF and a laser cutter. In that, I was using a program to generate the design for a sculpture and feeding the design to a laser cutter. This time around, the design is fairly simple and doesn’t need much computer help to build it,…”