Translating a persistent union-find from ML to Smalltalk

Frank Shearar wrote “When I wrote my unification library a while back, I tried to add an “or matcher”. That is, something that would allow | matcher mgu | matcher := OrUnifier     left: (TreeNode left: #x asVariable)     right: (TreeNode right: #x asVariable). mgu := matcher =? (TreeNode left: (Leaf value: 1)). mgu at: (#x…”

Finding new albums by old bands

Tom Parker wrote “I’m once again visting music-related problems, with a look at a different aspect of the “discovering new music” problem. Now, the LShift jukebox is very good at introducing me to new and weird artists, and it also occasionally tells me about other work by artists I’m already aware of, but this is all rather haphazard.…”

Benchmarking simple JSON generation in Java

Tim Clark wrote “What is the fastest way to produce JSON output in Java? Well if you have a complicated object tree to turn into JSON I would guess it is probaby Jackson. However, not all JSON output is complicated so maybe we can find quicker and simpler alternatives. My test class is simple, I call him Thing,…”

Implementing maps and folds using Zippers

Frank Shearar wrote “Zippers continue to fascinate me. Let’s recap a bit: a zipper is a data structure representing the navigation and mutation of an otherwise immutable structure. We’ve looked at several different implementations here on the LShift blog, in several different languages. Today, we’re going to see what else we can do with zippers.”