Making panel applets for Gnome 2 and 3

Tom Parker wrote “In recent times, there’s been a lot of changes to the Gnome environment with the 3.x releases, including the introduction of the Gnome Shell and things like the GObject introspection stuff going on in the background. However, the Shell is a bit on the unstable side (even if you’ve got a good graphics card), and…”

Transforming Ruby DSLs

Frank Shearar wrote “Ruby excels at “embedded” DSLs – domain specific languages that are simultaneously plain Ruby and yet distinctly their own. RSpec springs to mind as an excellent example. At any rate, I have a DSL that recently underwent a fairly invasive change, and I wanted to automate moving model descriptions from the old format to the…”

Being Shifty with Minecraft (part 1) Haskell stubbing for fun and profit

hok wrote “Lost? Go back to the beginning. A lightning quick recap haiku. In the midst of sky Unfamiliar blocks shroud the sun The world is saved. The last part sounds ominous and heroic. I like it. Talking about Minecraft Regions Go into the game, generate a world with a random seed, walk around for a bit,…”

Being Shifty with Minecraft – Blue Sky Thinking

hok wrote “After spending a bit over three months at LShift, I am proud to leave LShift's mark in the Minecraft Universe. Frolicking over Minecraft's cubic pastures and passing by interesting arrangements of hovering dirt blocks suspended in mid-air is all in a Minecrafter's day's work. But if you ever see light-blue wool blocks hanging around in the air, you can be sure that someone's been . . . Shifty . . . The ones you see in the picture above, in fact, have been put into the Minecraft world by a tool I wrote in Haskell. In this multi-part series, I want to share with you how I did it.”