Hylomorphisms through lazy streams

Frank Shearar wrote “A fold is a higher-order function familiar to many programmers. It’s a function that takes some structure as input, and some function that converts part of that structure into a value. Evaluating the fold then recursively applies the given function to the structure, resulting in some return value. Variants exist which supply an initial “seed”…”

Persuading mercurial-server to work on Windows

Tom Parker wrote “A few years back, needing decent authentication and key management for Mercurial repositories, we wrote mercurial-server. Recently, we were in the position of wanting to use this with one of our clients, but this time it would need to run under Windows. This was a bit of a problem as it was designed for a…”

The Fallacies of Distributed Computing

Lee Coomber wrote “I recently helped a client take ownership of an application stack produced by a third party. There were various components to this, but the most interesting aspect allowed users to interact with each other by manipulating images in a browser. This was achieved using a small and simple NodeJS application to send events between the…”