Resumable exceptions can macro-express delimited dynamic variables

Frank Shearar wrote “We already know that delimited continuations are more expressive than undelimited ones (call/cc). We can trivially express undelimited continuations by wrapping our entire program in a reset marker, while we need a mutable cell to express delimited continuations using call/cc. There’s another very handy construct in programming that uses the call stack: dynamic variables. We…”

Lambda Bind Variables

ben wrote “On the idiomatic use of bind variables when writing lambda expressions:”

Using Debian Multiarch for cross-compiling

Tom Parker wrote “I’ve recently acquired a Raspberry Pi, and was considering using it for SNES emulation. However, as it turns out that Zsnes is x86-only, and that Snes9x got kicked out of Debian a while back for having an annoying “no-commercial use” license, so we’re into the compile-it-yourself options. As Snes9x is a configure/makefile-type project, I should in…”

Downloading files with WebDriver

Martin Eden wrote “We have been using WebDriver (/Selenium) for doing functional testing of web applications. I have personally been involved in using WebDriver on .NET to automate testing of several .NET web applications. But in my spare time, I’ve discovered another use for WebDriver, which is automating interactions with websites.”