Serving JSON at Altitude

Frank Shearar wrote “Colin Putney recently released a preview version of a new Smalltalk web framework, Altitude. Altitude seeks to be a RESTful Seaside: an HTTP framework that uses RESTful URLs, ubiquitous use of Xtreams, and learning the lessons of years of Seaside development. Let’s take it for a spin!”

Making (Kindle) books from blogs

Tom Parker wrote “Admittedly, more and more of them are doing this already, but this is a slightly more DIY option… So, you’d like some more reading material for your Kindle. Maybe you’re going away for the holidays, or just want to survive the elongated journey times of the Olympic period. There’s a few blogs I’d like to…”

You should consider using SSH-based Configuration Management

hok wrote “At the first mention of configuration management (CM), everybody and their dog and links on their respective blog posts!) will direct you to one of what I take the liberty of calling ‘The CM Triumvariate’: Puppet, Chef and CfEngine 3. But I reckon the interwebs is presenting a skewed view and hides from you some…”

Least fixed points, and the grouping of behaviours

Frank Shearar wrote “Sometimes one has a set of interrelated (monotonic) recursive equations one needs to solve. An naïve implementation will recurse infinitely. Handily there’s a solution: the least fixed point. I had need of one the other day, implementing parsing with derivatives. So why bother with least fixed points? Let’s find out…”

Double word squares

Paul Crowley wrote “You start off meaning to contribute a tiny tweak and then forget about it, and you end up spending hours writing reams of multithreaded C code. A friend posted to Twitter asking for help optimizing his code to find double word squares. I spotted a small optimization: instead of copying his working state for his…”