Intercession without source changes

Frank Shearar wrote “Methods in a Smalltalk object live in the method dictionary of its class. A method dictionary maps Symbols to CompiledMethods. From the virtual machine’s perspective, anything that understands #run:with:in is compatible with a CompiledMethod, in the sense that the VM sends this message to things that it will execute. As a result, it’s easy enough…”

TDD for Esoteric Programming Languages (using Clojure and Befunge)

Tom Parker wrote “I’ve been learning Clojure recently, and I’d been looking around for a good initial project to test my new knowledge. I’ve always wanted to write a Befunge interpreter, and so decided that sounded like a fun project. Little did I know the maze of twisty little passages I was letting myself in for, but I’ve…”

Monticello -> Git

Frank Shearar wrote “Back in the dark years of 2003, Avi Bryant and Colin Putney tried to use CVS to version their Smalltalk code and failed dismally. They decided to scratch their itch, and Monticello was born, a DVCS centred around managing the structured text of Smalltalk code. Years have passed, and nowadays we have Mercurial and Git…”