Squeak 4.4 released

Frank Shearar wrote “Squeak 4.4 Ulam Spiral is finally ready to be born. I semi-volunteered to be its release manager, and I’d like to look back over the last six months and talk a bit about what’s happened.”

Compacting cyclic parsers

Frank Shearar wrote “When I wrote my Smalltalk deriving-with-parsers library, I ran into an issue with compaction: cycles in the parser. Self-referencing parsers (corresponding to left- and right-recursive rules) occur naturally, so I couldn’t hide from the problem. I investigated two ways to introduce circularity as well as how to compact these graphs: delegates, and “sutures”.”

Not Just Text: Richer Stories on the Web

hok wrote “Seriously exciting stuff is happening to the way stories are being told on the web beyond a standard blog roll. There are already some really good work on the web that showcase the ways a story can be brought alive through visual effects and interactive elements by combining bits HTML5, JS and CSS3 you should just…”