Comments are important

Frank Shearar wrote “Nat Pryce wrote a fun little library the other day called code-words. It rips your source into words, and turns the words into a wordcloud. In short, a visual representation of the most common words in your source, and using font size to indicate the more common terms. The aim is to give an introduction…”

Live updates to Meteor from Postgres

hok wrote “I’ve been playing around with Meteor recently for an internal LShift project in which I wanted the browser to have a read-only live view onto some timetracking data from TimeTracker as it changes. When a developer records time spent on a particular task, a row is inserted into a Postgres database. Simples. One of Meteor’s…”

Reporting parser errors

Frank Shearar wrote “We like parsers. One of the things that really kills the vibe with parsers is a rubbish error message. Given the technical interestingness of parsing with derivatives, can we get useful error messages out of them?”