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WireIt is an open-source javascript library to create web wirable interfaces for dataflow applications, visual programming languages, graphical modeling, or graph editors.


Here are the main component classes (bottom-up order):

  • Wire - create wires in browsers
  • Terminal - wire endpoints and edition widget
  • Container - general "box" containing one or more terminals
  • Layer - handle multiple containers and wires
  • WiringEditor - single-page editor for your visual language.

Different types of Container are provided :

  • InOutContainer - simple module with named inputs and outputs
  • FormContainer - build form containers based on inputEx forms
  • ImageContainer - use images as graph nodes

You can create your own container by subclassing the base Container class, and still benefit from the drop-in use of the WiringEditor in your web application.

The WiringEditor requires a connection to a database to use save/load features. You can customize it using adapters. WireIt provides default adapters to get you started :

WireIt supports all A-Grade Browsers. Please report your issues with specific browsers in the forum. It uses the YUI library (2.7.0) for DOM and events manipulation, and excanvas for IE support of the canvas tag.


You can also get some help on the forum. Please report your issues or feature request on the issue tracker.

Deeper hacking into WireIt might require some knowledge in the libraries used :

Download WireIt 0.5.0
( - 8.0MB - changeset)

WireIt is released under the MIT License.

Clone from GitHub: git clone git://

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Donations will be used for WireIt development and promotion.

Featured examples

All examples :

WiringEditor :

Beta/Experimental :

WireIt-based projects


WireIt is released under the MIT license.