LShift Take DSDM Atern Course

On May 9, 2007

LShift first to take DSDM Atern practitioner course and examination.

LShift were the first software development company to attend
the new DSDM Atern practitioner course since its launch on Monday 23 April.

Atern is the new version of DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Methodology), an
agile project delivery framework that delivers the right business solution at
the right time. Atern focuses on strategic goals and incremental delivery of
real business benefits while keeping control of cost, risk and quality. High
levels of agility are achieved through self-directive, empowered teams working
together in a supportive and collaborative manner.

Atern replaced DSDM Version 4.2 on Monday 23 April 2007. As DSDM is LShift’s
preferred development methodology, the team were eager to catch up on new
developments and incorporate them into current practice. Six Shiftees attended
the DSDM Atern Practitioner course during the launch week and then succesfully sat the
examination. All six Shiftees passed and are now looking forward to working
with the new framework in practice.