Elaine Lynch Joins LShift

On October 22, 2003

Percival failed to get The Grail and the whale defeated Ahab but, in the form of Elaine Lynch, LShift finally managed to recruit an Office Manager to replace the much-missed Jo Paradise.

Elaine turned down a university place to become a nanny in the US and managed to see 50 of the 52 states. Back in Dublin she worked in retail and learned about customer service and staff management. She decided on a change of career and became a receptionist for a corporate travel agency. Within three months she had moved into the accounts department. She then took on the roles of Office Manager, PA and Accounts Administrator – ‘Jill of all trades’. Astoundingly, Elaine then moved to London for love. A book fiend and (inexplicably) a rugby fan, Elaine is the latest welcome addition to the LShift pack.