Habitat Gift Service Launches

On September 1, 2006

Habitat’s Gift Service launches today, September 1st. It’s a service with a difference – you can register any type of occasion and invite your friends and family to pledge online or by phone to the gift fund.

Everyone who pledges £10 or more gets a voucher of £5 to spend on their next purchase, and Habitat will add 10% to the value of the fund when it closes. Everyone wins.

This work was commissioned by Habitat UK, while Cubo and Lemon Foundation contributed to the look and feel. LShift led the collaboration and development, working with Habitat’s staff to design management processes. The Logic Group’s SolveSE software provided payment authorisation, while First Data Prepaid Solutions provide the gift card which the fund gets transferred onto.

LShift have worked with Habitat since 2002 when we were commissioned to develop the infrastructure to support the award winning Habitat website. Our relationship with, and understanding of, the Habitat business was instrumental in the development of the Gift Service.

Architecturally, the Gift Service sits between their existing website, store card and their POS systems, requiring tight integration between the services. We took a highly collaborative approach to the project, working closely with the Habitat marketing team to develop the service iteratively. To facilitate this, we developed the Web application in Java with a domain-specific logic layer on top called Icing. Icing is a lightweight Web development layer that uses a number of Scheme libraries to produce an environment that allows for rapid changes in the business logic.

Customers can register for the Gift Service online, over the phone on 020 7614 5397, or in any Habitat store.