LShift Developers at LISP Conference

On September 28, 2003

LShift staff will be presenting papers at the International Lisp Conference 2003 in New York next month. Technical Director, Matthias Radestock, will be speaking on standardisation and portability in Scheme, while Senior Developer Michael Bridgen and LShift alumni Noel Welsh have had a paper on using Scheme in a commercial setting accepted.

Run Once, Write Anyway (Abstract)

Scheme is one of only a few languages with a concise specification and formal semantics. With such a foundation it should be easy to write portable code that, without modification, runs correctly on different Scheme implementations. Yet this goal has proved elusive — there are more than fifty Schemes and writing programs that are portable between even just a few of these implementations is tedious at best and impossible at worst.

We examine the reasons behind the Scheme community’s failure to provide developers with a basis for writing portable code. We look at the various Scheme standardisation efforts and identify their contributions and shortcomings. Finally we present a series of recommendations for resolving the key portability issues. Our proposals include a minor revision of the Scheme standard, specifically aimed at improving portability, the creation of a standard library, and a central code repository and package management system.

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Scheme in the Real World – a Case Study (Abstract)

Scheme is the core technology in the back-end of the New Media Knowledge web site developed by LShift. This case study examines how we integrated Scheme into a commercial web development environment, and how we used unique features of Scheme to simplify and speed up development.

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