London Metropolitan University Guest Lecture

On March 6, 2006

Chris Stephenson from LShift is presenting a guest lecture titled ‘From Marketing Management to Management of Marketing’ at London Metropolitan University on April 27 2006.

Traditional marketing and management academics tend to concern themselves with what managers in organisations should do and the decisions that they should take. This usually involves functions such as planning and performance management, or the use of tools and techniques such as product lifecycle analysis, market segmentation and the 4 Ps. An alternative approach is look at what marketing managers actually do in practice.

As a result, my experience of Product Management will be described using a series of metaphors that give perspectives of what it is to be a Product Manager. This follows a new body of thought into the descriptive, rather than prescriptive, ways that we can examine Management, originating from Professor Geoff Easton at Lancaster University.

Through examining this description of Product Management, the session will conclude with a discussion as to whether marketing management is predominantly about marketing or whether it is an issue of general management.

The lecture is open to all London Metropolitan students and will be held at London Metropolitan University in room G01, Stapleton house at 5.30pm, April 27 2006.