SpringSource / VMWare Acquire Rabbit Technologies

On April 13, 2010

SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. today announced the acquisition by VMware of Rabbit Technologies, Ltd.

Rabbit Technologies is an open source software company based in the United Kingdom. SpringSource will add the RabbitMQ open messaging system into its suite of technologies that reduce the complexity associated with development, deployment and management of enterprise applications.

LShift has been involved in the development of RabbitMQ from building the first prototypes and then providing the subsequent engineering and development backbone to the project. LShift founded Rabbit Technologies Ltd alongside our partners at Monadic and CohesiveFT.

LShift EO, Mike Rowlands, said “We are intensely proud of our contribution to making RabbitMQ the market leading AMQP solution, and we welcome SpringSource’s acquisition of Rabbit Technologies as a confirmation of the quality of the software we have produced and in terms of its ongoing potential, as it will see the resources of VMWare committed to its further success.”