Scheme UK Meeting

On September 2, 2004

The next meeting of Schematics (the Scheme UK user’s group) at the LShift offices will be held on Thursday, 2 September 2004 from 7pm till we leave for the pub, and will discuss the Scheme Cookbook. This meeting will be held in conjuction with UK Lispers.

The (soon to be announced) Scheme Cookbook is an effort to produce practical documentation for Scheme,
presently online but with an eye to future publication. Noel Welsh will discuss the implementation of the Cookbook, the goals and some of the thorny issues such as the currently contentious licence.

Scheme UK is a UK based group of people interested in the Scheme programming language in particular, and advanced programming languages in general. We are interested in both practical and theoretic aspects. We normally meet on the first Wednesday of each month (though this month’s meeting is on a thursday.) Newcomers are welcome.