TiCL mobile local news service now available for download

On February 1, 2012

LShift has been working with TiCL on the product development for a new app and supporting server-side system for a real-time news service. User generated news and pictures can be viewed by anyone within a certain radius of the reporter. The viewer gets an instant impression of the social networks, businesses, and community groups within their local area. The location-based news service is delivered via iPhone and Android apps.

As well as the immediate benefits for small locally-based businesses, there are enormous opportunities for larger retailers with retail promotions, for events, holidays, visitor attractions and so on.

You can trust TiCL too. The engineering behind TiCL draws on the kind of advanced fraud-detection techniques applied to online payments. You can ‘bank’ on a TiCL item coming from a person, in a particular location, at the time indicated.

TiCL is now in public Beta and can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Android Marketplace.