felix wrote “In 2002 I was asked to add graphs to a financial website. I started by considering off-the-shelf freeware Java packages, but a few hours of research suggested that none of them were quite customisable enough (as may well still be the case in 2008, perhaps astoundingly). So I decided to write my own graph package…”

If I Read History Aright

felix wrote “I just re-read Merrill Chapman’s highly readable “In Search of Stupidity”, an encyclopedia of high-tech bungling from Silicon Valley. As the title suggests, the book is partly a counterpunch to management bestseller “In Search of Excellence”, and its main theme a cheeky mirror image of Tom Peters’ focus on corporate culture and efficiency. Chapman advises…”

The article about AMQP we’ve all been waiting for

felix wrote “AMQP is an open messaging protocol intended to support the high-volume, high-reliability applications used in the financial and telecoms industries (among others). Some might see it as the next natural layer to go on top of TCP/IP – that’s as close as I can get to describing it in a single phrase, anyway. This article about it is quite…”