The algebraic origins of fold and unfold

francis wrote “A while back, an email from a collaborator proposed a coalgebraic view of the grammar for a new process calculus. This prompted me to do some reading up on algebras versus coalgebras - something I had been meaning to do for a long while.”

What would you do with a ball of string and a pair of scissors?

francis wrote “How about making a non-alternating knot() with projection of minimal crossing number (which, incidentally, is eight)? (Thanks to David Snyder who told us this.)”

Windows Update broke my Thunderbird, Picasa, NikonScan and EpsonScan

francis wrote “For about a week, I thought my EpsonScan driver was broken: whenever I selected a folder to dump my batch scans, it would just hang there on the “Browse for Folder” dialog box. Then I noticed the same problem in NikonScan…, Picasa… and Thunderbird. Suspicious, huh? I rummaged around and noticed that Windows Update had…”

Big bucks for big bugs

francis wrote “I was recently working on a project where the client wanted us to add some features and updates to a web-facing database which they had paid some big name consultants to develop for them. Wow, did what we received look impressive. It used some of the latest industry buzz-words: SQL Server, ASP.NET, Web services, to…”