Live updates to Meteor from Postgres

hok wrote “I’ve been playing around with Meteor recently for an internal LShift project in which I wanted the browser to have a read-only live view onto some timetracking data from TimeTracker as it changes. When a developer records time spent on a particular task, a row is inserted into a Postgres database. Simples. One of Meteor’s…”

Not Just Text: Richer Stories on the Web

hok wrote “Seriously exciting stuff is happening to the way stories are being told on the web beyond a standard blog roll. There are already some really good work on the web that showcase the ways a story can be brought alive through visual effects and interactive elements by combining bits HTML5, JS and CSS3 you should just…”

Stackable traits for ScalaTest test suites

hok wrote “When your application is based on Spring it makes a lot of sense to fire up a Spring context within your integration tests and functional tests. For a particular Scala-based project it was necessary to manage not only the lifetime of the Spring context, but also the lifetime of an annotation-based REST library component called…”

You should consider using SSH-based Configuration Management

hok wrote “At the first mention of configuration management (CM), everybody and their dog and links on their respective blog posts!) will direct you to one of what I take the liberty of calling ‘The CM Triumvariate’: Puppet, Chef and CfEngine 3. But I reckon the interwebs is presenting a skewed view and hides from you some…”

Continuous Integration for Haskell: Cabal TeamCity plugin!

hok wrote “I’m happy to announce that my Haskell Cabal TeamCity plugin is available for download. With this plugin you can practise continuous integration (CI) with your Cabalised Haskell projects using a CI server called TeamCity. In case you haven’t heard of TeamCity, it’s a really neat piece of kit. Internally we use TeamCity quite extensively to…”

Being Shifty with Minecraft (part 1) Haskell stubbing for fun and profit

hok wrote “Lost? Go back to the beginning. A lightning quick recap haiku. In the midst of sky Unfamiliar blocks shroud the sun The world is saved. The last part sounds ominous and heroic. I like it. Talking about Minecraft Regions Go into the game, generate a world with a random seed, walk around for a bit,…”

Being Shifty with Minecraft – Blue Sky Thinking

hok wrote “After spending a bit over three months at LShift, I am proud to leave LShift's mark in the Minecraft Universe. Frolicking over Minecraft's cubic pastures and passing by interesting arrangements of hovering dirt blocks suspended in mid-air is all in a Minecrafter's day's work. But if you ever see light-blue wool blocks hanging around in the air, you can be sure that someone's been . . . Shifty . . . The ones you see in the picture above, in fact, have been put into the Minecraft world by a tool I wrote in Haskell. In this multi-part series, I want to share with you how I did it.”