Creating your own dynamic website

Krista Hyer wrote “In my previous post, I described how beginners can set up a static website. This follow-on post covers setting up a dynamic website. This is a website whose content isn’t always the same. These are slightly harder to set up, but creating one yourself can still be done in a matter of hours. This post…”

Creating your own static website

Krista Hyer wrote “Static sites are simple to set up, but creating one yourself can still be difficult without a guide. After I muddled my own way through setting my static website up, I decided to write this blog to help others in my situation.”

Can Great Britain run fully on renewable energy?

Krista Hyer wrote “In Great Britain, electrical power is supplied via the National Grid, which constantly and carefully balances supply against demand. This is a vital and high-stakes process—deviations of more than 1% in the Grid’s conditions can lead to infrastructure damage and power outages due to blown fuses. (Even deviations of less than 1% will have noticeable…”